Hell Cello is a stunt of ridiculous musical proportions to raise money for Sweet Relief  and the story of Hell Cello is incomplete without the story of Josh Tate’s Hell Walk.

“Hell Walk was created on a bar stool several years ago when Josh Tate was having a beer with a friend and trying to figure out a cool way to raise money for charity. A few months later, he walked around a 100-foot circle for 24 straight hours and raised $25,000 for Children’s Hope Chest. Since then, Josh has done two additional Hell Walks and raised more than $50,000 for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation and Project Angel Food. His feet still hurt every day.”  

When I first met Josh and heard this story I joked that I should do something similar called Hell Cello. We laughed and laughed about how it would literally be torture and it might kill me, but recent events in the world spurred me into action and playing music is really all I know how to do.

While researching the original goal of a 24 hour cello marathon I discovered that the current world record is 26 hours. I will be aiming to beat that record, though Guinness won’t respond to my emails so who knows if I’ll get credit if I do indeed survive! Fortunately we will be archiving the whole thing ourselves and maybe we’ll put out a highlight reel of me falling asleep on my cello, soiling myself, begging passersby for food and water… I’m just thankful I’m not a hand drummer.

So stay tuned and in the meantime, spread the word about Hell Cello and Sweet Relief and lets help out our fellow artists in need. Show that you believe that music is important and reach out to help those who have dedicated their lives to adding more beauty to our world.